Total Access Mobility Services is an excellent and logical alternative to short term mobility needs. We provide services that allows our customers/clients to enjoy short trips, vacations, cruises, festivals, events and everyday living without restriction to their mobility and independence. Our clients range from people with temporary restrictions to vacationers who would simply like to take it easy!

Our Vision

rental Options

 Our clients range from people with temporary medical restrictions such as; respiratory, limb, surgery, pregnancy and/or limited intervals allowed on foot, to vacationers who would simply like to take it easy while enjoying festivals, cruises, food, music and fun around the city. With those factors in mind, we decided to make our services extremely convenient and available for short-term usage. After working with our products for ten plus years, the staff expertise drives our success. With all repair and servicing done in house, we stand out as a “one stop shop” for clients. We will pick up, deliver, and service our equipment for our clients as needed on site.

Total Access Mobility services is leading the pack into the new era of accessing mobility products. We do this in a number of ways. By making our scooters available for short-term usage, with little commitment involved, our prices will be “customer friendly”.  With Total Access Mobility, there is no medical clearances needed because we handle everything private pay. We also offer and encourage pick up and delivery of our products to eliminate the hassle of customer packing, lifting, and transporting.

Option 1 –

Daily rental rates are $24.99 per day. (Include the damage waiver fee at $8 per day for a total of $32.99 per day). If no damage waiver fee is taken out, there will be a $100.00 refundable deposit charged. Deposit will be refunded upon acceptable return.


Option 2 -

  $115.00 for a week, (7days) plus damage waiver fee (at discounted rate of $5 per day) is $150.00 per week. If no damage waiver is taken out, then cost will be $265.00 for the week which includes a refundable deposit of $150.00 upon return of equipment with no damages.


Option 3 - $75.00 per weekend  ( Friday-Sunday damage waiver fee included) ( Credit Card Transactions only)


-All transactions require a valid I.D. and credit card on file. All credit cards are accepted . Hours of operation are:          (M-F 8am-4pm) (Sat 9am-3pm)  (Booking is encouraged)


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